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Artificial Intelligence Platform

Artificial Intelligence Platform

We at DAMORPHE are trying to add intelligence in our products by creating the next generation of materials with embedded sensors and AI.

Inbuilt intelligence in materials can yield many interesting applications. Amongst material selection criteria, we should as such add sensing as an intelligence factor. If the material can detect its surrounding environment and respond to it, for example the manner in which photochromatic lenses respond to the level of UV light; react to a stimulus, for example flexed shape memory alloys recovering under stimulus; or further still give the user information about their current state, this is a form of inbuilt intelligence which adds value to the product.

Starting from our advanced materials platform of engineered nanomaterials with exceptional specific strength (strength-to-weight ratio), DAMORPHE has developed novel “Anion Insensitive” dissolvable alloys, where dissolution is only triggered by temperature. These were developed to eliminate the unpredictable failures encountered when using conventional dissolvable materials in environments with a varying anion content, such as those found in completions brines or produced formation fluids. Products built with these materials, as it stands, set a benchmark for performance.

However our end goal is to provide the end user with more data and control of the product. With sensing as the first step, paving the way towards designing materials with AI, we at DAMORPHE are trying to add intelligence in our products by creating the next generation of materials with embedded sensors and AI.

High performance “Anion Insensitive” dissolvable alloys are integrated with passive RFID chips or water and oil soluble tracers. As these materials react with aqueous fluids present downhole, they release a digital fingerprint that can be remotely detected by a strategically placed antenna in a flow sensor-sub at the surface, which, not only recognizes it, but also knows which component downhole released it. This information can be directly communicated to the people who need to make decisions without intermediate measurements and people (redundant).

Tracer or RFID impregnated dissolvable solids can be of any shape or form, e.g. ball for packers to isolate zones; rings deployed anywhere in a wellbore or proppants to be blended with conventional particulates and injected in the formation among others. Tracer, chemical or electronics released from the dissolvable alloys act as a timer to indicate material dissolution has reached a critical dimension either by starting or stopping the release of tracer.