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Liners with Bulk Metallic Glass/High Entropy Alloy, Degradable in Formation Fluids for a Skin Free, Clear, Perforating Tunnel, Enabling Enhanced Reservoir Connectivity

Abstract: A shaped charge for wellbore perforation includes a solid metal or powder liner pressed onto a case, sandwiching high explosives which may have varying thermal stability, dictated by the expected time of exposure and bottom hole temperature (BHT). It is common knowledge that post detonation, the liner-jet punctures the gun body and casing, continuing […]


Strategic Alliance Enables Fast-track Engineering and Expeditious Deployment of Novel Flowable Sensors & Water Reactive Nano-Composite Plugs in MENA

Abstract: Fast-track engineering to expeditiously deploy new technologies in upstream oil and gas heavily relies on timely agreement and synergy between the engineering team and stakeholders on (1) tool architecture (2) operational envelope and wellbore environment (3) qualification criteria(s) and overall verification & validation (V&V) strategy, among others which lead to the product specifications. Here […]


Accelerated Development of Pressure Balanced HPHT Dissolvable Plugged Nozzle Assemblies through the Nippon Foundation-DeepStar Joint Ocean Innovation R&D Program for Extended Reach Deepwater Wells, within a Short Time of Project Launch

Abstract: To meet and sustain the increasing energy needs of a growing world economy, exploration for oil and gas will be directed to increasingly extended reaches, complex profiles and hostile environments. Progress in harnessing high-pressure high-temperature (HPHT) sour fields (environments containing hydrogen sulphide gas or H2S) and reducing the cost of extracting and refining will […]


Powerful Material Technology Removes Barriers

Abstract: Strengthening materials through grain refinement often results in reduced ductility necessitating means to augment their elongation to failure for engineering applications. Grain boundary engineering (GBE), encompassing novel thermo-mechanical processing has shown promise of simultaneously enhancing both strength and ductility of materials and fracture behavior, especially with low stacking fault energy materials. The ultrahigh strength […]


Water Reactive Alloys with Artificial Intelligence, Smart Plugs Formulation for the Middle East and North Africa

Abstract: Technology gaps to harness source rock or shale, unconventional reservoirs in the Middle East and North Africa pose unique challenges. Carbonate reservoirs, supplying Ca2+ ions resulting in passivation of traditional magnesium-based water reactive alloy alloys and abundance of H2S/CO2 rich production fluids at high pressure high temperature downhole conditions cause unpredictable degradation of plugs. […]


Nano Metallic, Dissolvable Plugged Nozzle Assemblies DPNA for Extended Performance

Abstract: Here we present commercialization and mechanisms to manufacture bulk-metallic-glass composite (BMGC) dissolvable plugged nozzle assemblies (DPNA) for injection wells in offshore Arabian Gulf. These DPNAs’ are to be installed on limited entry perforated liners for an extended performance, providing significant cost benefits to operators. While elastomeric plugs have significant shortcomings, thermal stability, extrudability among others, […]


Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Dissolvable Alloys with Artificial Intelligence for Applications in Deep-Water and Unconventionals

Abstract: Technology developed to harness extended reach deviated (ERD) wells for deep-water and longer laterals for unconventionals demand the use of reliable “Dissolvable Alloys”. Furthermore, an economic prediction mechanism to assess the degree of dissolution of deployed dissolvable hardware is highly coveted. This is one of the bottlenecks preventing the increased adoption of dissolvables in […]


Adapting High Strength, Corrosion Resistant, Nanocrystalline Materials for Applications in Deep-Water and HPHT Hostile Environments

Abstract: It is well understood that strength to weight ratio is an important driver facilitating extended reach deviated wells, as such engineering corrosion resistant ultra-high-strength light-alloys (LAs) are an absolute necessity. High strength steels and nickel alloys, having yield strengths between 80 and 120 ksi, commonly used in oil & gas completions and production, have […]