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CLEAR shaped charges from DAMORPHE, HARRISON and NEXTIER partnership are designed and qualified to provide consistently large perforation entrance holes with an optimized depth of penetration and free debris for hydraulic fracturing stimulation in conventional and unconventional reservoirs.


•  No debris is generated due to the degradable CLEAR shaped charge liner stemming from our patented High Entropy Alloy (HEA) nanomaterials, providing cleaner perforation holes/lower skin
•  Capability to tailor larger entry hole diameter (EHD), up to 0.7 in. from a 3 1/8 in. gun without changing charge type, potentially lowering surface treatment pressure
•  Ability to integrate nanoparticle tracers within the charge liner itself for remote monitoring of zonal performance with an in-flow detector

•  Hydraulic fracturing
•  Conventional and unconventional reservoirs
•  Any conveyance mechanism

•  Uniform and large EHD
•  Optimal depth of penetration
•  Debris-free perf. tunnel
•  Improved, zonal (cluster) flow efficiency
•  Improved, uniform stimulation
•  Engineered & intelligent fracture design
•  Improves well productivity
•  Reduces completion cost

•  Universally adaptable to any 3 1/8 in. gun system
•  Customized EHD, depth of penetration on request
•  Water Reactive, Tracers, HMX, and HNS options available
CLEAR Shaped Charges Specifications


CLEAR shaped charges consist of a degradable CLEAR shaped charge liner stemming from our patented HEA nanomaterials. During the detonation event, our proprietary powder blend reacts via shock induced entropy-change (or propagating pressure wave) to create a tailored degree of vitrification (Bulk Metallic Glass, BMG) that preferentially segregate to high angle domain boundaries or interfaces of the jetted liner material. As the jet progresses into the reservoir rock creating a perf. tunnel, segregated HEA/BMG complex instantly reacts with formation fluids generating hydrogen. Any sputtered alloy deposited on the crushed zone containing HEA/BMG particulates interact with flowback fluids promoting grain dropping, leaving behind low-skin and slug free CLEAR pathway or perf. tunnel. This allows hydrocarbons to flow unrestricted from the formation, improving fracture conductivity, potentially resulting in enhanced productivity.

CLEAR Shaped Charge with Nanoparticle Tracers

Synthetic nanoparticle tracers have now been integrated and tested in our CLEAR shaped charge liners. As these unique charges are fired, nanoparticle tracers are deposited in the perforation tunnel. These tracers, flow back with hydrocarbon production to the surface. With a unique fingerprint, these nanoparticle tracers are identified when they flow-through a collimated light source, emitting photons of a predetermined frequency, thus identifying the nanocrystal. A flow-through detector comprising a remote computing system configured to store and relay information relating to these tracers is under development.