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Energy Transition & New Energies

Energy Transition & New Energies

DAMORPHE's mission is to help accelerate energy transition with our disruptive innovations.

Energy, and in particular oil and gas, has been fueling the world’s development for the past several decades, supporting the growth in transportation, industrial and personal consumption, and heating/cooling requirements. However, the rise in greenhouse gas emissions, mostly associated with some forms of energy production and consumption, is unsustainable, leading potentially to global warming at levels that may cause irreversible damage to the world’s ecosystems.

The energy industry is slowly changing to limit its impact on climate, transitioning from fossil fuels to greener forms of energy. At DAMORPHE we have embraced this change. As a technology company, we firmly believe this is a great opportunity to demonstrate how our disruptive innovations can help accelerate this transition. By engineering and manufacturing products that benefit society but also reduce waste and emissions we will be well positioned to stay relevant as the energy transition gathers pace in the next decade.

As part of our own energy transition, we have started a strategic business unit focused on Low Carbon Energy. Within this unit we have initially prioritized developments in the Geothermal Energy and Hydrogen domains. With several utility patents filed in these domains, we have initiated development of engineered solutions to resolve some long-standing issues faced by these sectors. 

Developing an insulated elastomeric HPHT packer rated to 750 F continuous operation for harnessing enhanced geothermal energy (EGS) that offer optimized sealing at the elevated temperatures and making hydrogen production greener without the need of potable water or heat, while eliminating transportation of the gas via pipelines, thus removing geographical restrictions imposed by conventional operations are some of our key focus.