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DAMORPHE Hydrocarbon is focused on utilizing our valuable experience in oilfield product development and maximising benefits for our customers’ operations in this field.

Damorphe Hydrocarbon is a key subdivision of our Energy Business Unit focusing on oilfield products. Utilizing our large body of knowledge in this domain and our unique engineering skills, we have laid a foundation with several innovative products that enable safer, more efficient, and more profitable extraction of oil and gas.

Our goal is to help solve our customer’s operational challenges and overcome the limitations of existing technology. With our novel technology we are able to reduce the cost to operate or push the boundaries beyond what the competition can offer. An example is our dissolvable nozzle technology that can operate in harsh brines at temperatures and differential pressures that were previously unattainable. 
Current Products

We plan to continuously set a new standard rolling out innovative products always focused on our customers needs and with their input in the development process.


Motivated to harness the complex tight carbonate reservoirs in offshore Arabian Gulf, ADNOC embarked on an ambitious project drilling extended reach deviated wells. Among many tools invented after a decade of R&D is a dissolvable plugged nozzle assembly (DPNA) with a polymeric plug. DAMORPHE designed SIMBA, an innovative DPNA with a bulk nano metallic glass composite plug with an ability to hold much higher pressures and longer times than existing technology, allowing them harness longer laterals with substantial cost savings also reducing environment impact.


Current offerings of shaped charges leave jet debris on the crushed zone and a slug at the end of the perforation tunnel, leading to reduced fracture conductivity and production. DAMORPHE has developed CLEAR, a novel shaped charge with a responsive liner stemming from our patented Bulk Metallic Glass Composite (BMGC). During the detonation event, our proprietary powder blend reacts via shock induced entropy change to create BMGC in jetted material which instantly reacts with formation fluids generating hydrogen, disintegrating the jet into a sputtered deposit leaving behind a skin free perf tunnel. This results in enhanced productivity.


Barriers, made with ceramics or glass, designed to fragment into small pieces when over pressured, are strategically used as means to isolate and trap an air column below it while supporting a fluid column in the casing above. These commercial offerings present the challenge of a secondary intervention due to debris from the shattered barrier, and also present limitations in the casing sizes they can address. DAMORPHE has engineered a solution enabled by a degradable, light-weight, high-strength partially or fully vitrified alloy, a nano BMGC.


Unique field conditions and formations abundant in Middle East and North Africa, where presence of high Ca2+ ions in wellbore fluids, stemming from carbonate reservoirs, promote passivation of traditional magnesium matrix dissolvables, rendering them ineffective. Further complications stem from the presence of acid gases, H2S and CO2 combined with high pressure, high temperature causing unpredictable degradation of dissolvable plugs. Our custom engineered large flow-bore multistage stimulation (MSS) plug, adaptable to common setting tools with reliable pump down and anchoring system and a proven dissolvable elastomeric sealing element is also
designed with a variant of anion insensitive BMGC material.