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Indranil Roy, CTO of DAMORPHE Presents at NACE CORROSION Virtual Conference & Expo 2020

Indranil Roy, CTO of DAMORPHE is presenting a technical paper “Tracer and Electronic Tag Impregnated Solids with Tailored and Accelerated Corrosion for Sensing / Characterization and Sustainability” in Symposium “Role of Sustainability – Research in Progress” at NACE CORROSION Virtual Conference & Expo 2020 .

Abstract: Innovation and synthesis of game changing technologies in the mechanical, nanomaterials and electrical domains encompassing tailored environmental reactivity or corrosion, paves way to innovative designs for durability and improved sustainability, effective material selection, increased safety and life-cycle costs. These novel alloys have integrated mechanism to reliably predict extent of dissolution, remotely monitored from the surface, eliminating additional RIH with a gauge ring or spear to tag aforesaid device. This is achieved by an active or passive signal received at the surface or one or more markers captured during flowback. It encompasses chemical(s) discharged or flowable electronics, all-in-all tracer(s) released as a function of the extent of dissolution of deployed dissolvable tools. It allows harnessing of both upstream and downstream markets, thus bridging unmet technology gaps.

Here we present, materials and methods to design and manufacture self-articulating amorphous and bulk nanocrystalline materials, sensing in their DNA. It relays information from downhole to surface without conventional telemetry. Our embodiments encompass novel, multi layered smart dissolvable nanomaterials, allowing tailored and timed dissolution. Additionally, as materials with embedded sensors, our dissolvables have (a) water and oil-soluble tracers (b) buoyant and flowable active / passive electronic micro-tags of approximately 1 to 2 mm in size (i) capable of withstanding 10000 psi differential pressure during hydraulic fracturing or hydrostatic pressure (ii) maintaining integrity under hostile environments of up to 350 °F. Mechanisms to integrate electronic tags or chemical tracers include surface adhering, matrix mixing and impregnating in a permeable dissolvable scaffold for controlled & bulk release as well as downhole characterization.