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Technologies for ESG

Technologies for ESG

We are committed to contributing, as individuals and as an organization, to a flourishing human ecological system.

As a disruptive innovator in the technology space and in the energy industry, to offset our carbon footprint, we have embraced environment and natural resources stewardship as one of our core values, with a strong focus on conservation and environmental management policies. We believe our well-being; thus, success and nature are intimately intertwined.

We have a debt to society. We plan to use what we are good at, our technology for the benefit of humanity and the environment. This had led to an endeavor, synthesizing degradable shaped charge liner manufacturing technology and adapting it to engineer seedpod for reforestation for rapid tree planting through areal drones, to offset the effects of deforestation caused by human activities and natural disasters and also re-claiming of desert. 

With renewed focus on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through energy transition, power generation, harnessing geothermal energy has now attracted greater attention. Often geothermal activities are present where subsurface presents formation faults inhibiting just cement to provide full integrity and isolation. This needs a packer, to ensure that well integrity is maintained for several scenarios. 

DAMORPHE has created a unique concept for an elastomer energized HPHT packer rated to 750 F and capable of withstanding 15K psi differential pressure, having multi stack sealing elements, completely encased by a flexible gel insulation of extremely low thermal conductivity, further enveloped in a flexible nanometallic skin.